The Empty Vessel

Sessions 1-6

Mayors, Sentient Dire Badgers, Violent Trees, and Cults

Session 1:

  • Enter Haverford
  • Meet Sheriff and Mayor
  • Clear squatters in the Bashful Ogre
  • Fight Rustbeard’s gang

Session 2:

  • Odward Fuller’s Antiquities Shop
  • Ghost images
  • Descent into the Gnome Warrens
  • Fight off talking rats
  • Face Ghost Illusions
  • Stave off hallucinating and sentient dire badger with illusionary powers

Session 3:

  • Search for Holt Lightfoot
  • Get guidance from his nephew
  • Search the Welkinwood for his hunting cabin
  • Find signs of quick exit, nothing packed up
  • Woodland creatures, bushes, and Holt Lightfoot attack as party approaches a huge, ancient oak
  • Get through to the dryad, convince her to let the creatures and Holt free.

Session 4:

  • Having attained the Sheriff’s trust, party is tasked with seeking out the source of the Terror
  • Party decides to investigate the silence from Lowater, a nearby village
  • Discover the Cult of the Revelation, speak to the leader
  • Told they can find answers at the town’s abandoned sawmill
  • Face off against zombies and Nothic
  • Learn that the Terror is attacking Haverford at the full moon…tonight
  • Assaulted by cult and leader, a wild Half-orc barbarian appears
  • Frees the town from cult, leads people to safety at Haverford

Session 5:

  • Return to warn sheriff. Discover the graveyard is empty
  • Night falls, undead army attacks. Party holds the north gate as city is low on defenders
  • North gate assaulted by a one-handed half-orc and his manticore, both under some form of mind control.
  • Party holds off assault, called to sally to the southern gate held by the Sheriff.
  • Party arrives in time to see Sheriff poisoned by an elven druid in giant spider form
  • Ghostly apparition of an elven woman appears over Haverford, names herself Yenril. Will continue assault on Haverford until those who left her to rot suffer.

Session 6:

  • Party sets out to Ruined Keep to face Yenril.
  • Convinces Mayor Creed to come along, holds him responsible for Yenril
  • Gatehouse to Ruined Keep hides an ambush from Rustbeard and his thugs
  • Party defeats Rustbeard, ties him to a horse and sends in back to town.
  • Party cautiously enters Keep’s dungeon.
  • Faces zombies and a slime tunnel


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