The Empty Vessel

Sessions 1-6
Mayors, Sentient Dire Badgers, Violent Trees, and Cults

Session 1:

  • Enter Haverford
  • Meet Sheriff and Mayor
  • Clear squatters in the Bashful Ogre
  • Fight Rustbeard’s gang

Session 2:

  • Odward Fuller’s Antiquities Shop
  • Ghost images
  • Descent into the Gnome Warrens
  • Fight off talking rats
  • Face Ghost Illusions
  • Stave off hallucinating and sentient dire badger with illusionary powers

Session 3:

  • Search for Holt Lightfoot
  • Get guidance from his nephew
  • Search the Welkinwood for his hunting cabin
  • Find signs of quick exit, nothing packed up
  • Woodland creatures, bushes, and Holt Lightfoot attack as party approaches a huge, ancient oak
  • Get through to the dryad, convince her to let the creatures and Holt free.

Session 4:

  • Having attained the Sheriff’s trust, party is tasked with seeking out the source of the Terror
  • Party decides to investigate the silence from Lowater, a nearby village
  • Discover the Cult of the Revelation, speak to the leader
  • Told they can find answers at the town’s abandoned sawmill
  • Face off against zombies and Nothic
  • Learn that the Terror is attacking Haverford at the full moon…tonight
  • Assaulted by cult and leader, a wild Half-orc barbarian appears
  • Frees the town from cult, leads people to safety at Haverford

Session 5:

  • Return to warn sheriff. Discover the graveyard is empty
  • Night falls, undead army attacks. Party holds the north gate as city is low on defenders
  • North gate assaulted by a one-handed half-orc and his manticore, both under some form of mind control.
  • Party holds off assault, called to sally to the southern gate held by the Sheriff.
  • Party arrives in time to see Sheriff poisoned by an elven druid in giant spider form
  • Ghostly apparition of an elven woman appears over Haverford, names herself Yenril. Will continue assault on Haverford until those who left her to rot suffer.

Session 6:

  • Party sets out to Ruined Keep to face Yenril.
  • Convinces Mayor Creed to come along, holds him responsible for Yenril
  • Gatehouse to Ruined Keep hides an ambush from Rustbeard and his thugs
  • Party defeats Rustbeard, ties him to a horse and sends in back to town.
  • Party cautiously enters Keep’s dungeon.
  • Faces zombies and a slime tunnel
Centipedes, Skeletons, and Golems, oh my!

The group found access to a new hallway and then explored a room that was once a guard room and holding cell area, with a number of refuse piles filled with rotting carrion and other filth. Incarnidine dug through one of these piles, disturbing the giant centipede hiding within and the other piles quickly erupted with their own centipedes. The group managed to fight off these centipedes and, feeling confident, went into the next room, a row of jail cells whose doors had rotted off except for one miraculously pristine door at the end. As the full group entered, however, a grick ( dropped from the ceiling behind them and tore into the party, rendering Tyrone unconscious.

After some snapping of tentacles and beak, the party managed to subdue the beast and opted to take a long rest. Now fresh, Umbra approached the pristine door and, not seeing any traps, attempted to pick its lock. Unfortunately, she missed the trigger for a gas trap and suffered significant poison damage. With Umbra unable to open the door, Tyrone used a spell scroll of Knock to bypass its locks and opened the door to a cell empty save for a large chute, 5' in diameter, in the center of the floor leading down into the darkness. With some mishaps getting down the 30' chute, the group found themselves in a strange hall of half formed and misshapen constructs. Poking through this grotesque parody of the Terra Cotta Army, notes on a worktable with arcane formulae were signed often with the name "Revinin" with one note describing the use of an orb to animate the constructs. After knocked over and crushing some of the constructs, the party attempted to do the same to the largest stone construct, a 10' statue with unnatural proportions. Unable to budge the statue, the group moved into the next room, an arcane laboratory filled with undead guards that attacked on sight.

Fighting off the skeletons and zombies, Tyrone was heavily wounded and Umbra rendered unconscious. The Mayor, inspired to act by the dire situation, healed Umbra with inspiring words and the group began to regroup. Suddenly, the main door in the laboratory burst open and the spirit of Yenril, the same form that appeared at the Haverford assault, appeared and cast spells at the Mayor. Desperately acting, the Mayor was able to cast a spell of silence surrounding the spirit and preventing her spells. Clearly frustrated, the spirit drew a glowing rune in the air and left. The rune began changing into what seemed to be a countdown, and as the group managed to flee into the construct hall, the barbarian throwing the door closed behind him, and explosion shook the dungeon.

The group quickly ascended the chute they came down via the rope that was still tied there, and Tyrone and Incarnidine made it to the top. As Umbra and the Mayor began to climb, the stone statue came to life and began pulling the rope down. Incarnidine attempted to pull back against the rope, which began to give way, so the barbarian switched tactics and grabbed Umbra, pulling her up. Tyrone attempted to grab the Mayor but missed, and the rope snapped under the statue's pull causing the Mayor to fall. As the rope snapped, however, a chittering sound filled the above room as eight furry legs scurried over Tyrone and down the chute, grabbing the Mayor and pulling him to safety. The druid returned to his human form, and the group took a moment to catch their breath and decide their next course of action.


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